Jeffrey Martin – The Middle

You guys. I can’t hang anymore.

This is probably not a surprising revelation coming from someone whose blog name is about staying in on the weekends, but it’s definitely been an adjustment for yours truly. This Fourth of July, I found myself Irish Goodbye’ing from my friends’ backyard BBQ long before the fireworks were finished. Red, White & Blue Jello Shots just don’t carry the same appeal that they used to, and I’ve long since abandoned whatever hopes my twentysomething self might have entertained about meeting the love of my life in a flip-cup match-up.

None of this has anything to do with this Jeffrey Martin track. Except it kind of does.

I actually had a different song in mind for this week’s edition of FRIDAYNIGHTSALONE, but while I was previewing the music video for that tune, YouTube pulled up this track, and I immediately decided that it was a better fit. While I don’t know what was going through Jeffrey Martin’s head when he wrote this track, it doesn’t seem like a huge stretch to imagine that the aging and the passage of time might have been at least somewhat on his mind. Regardless, his brand of rueful, mellow folk is something I can get get down with, right now.

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As luck would have it, if you liked this track, you can hear him live in Portland this week, too. Jeffrey Martin plays alongside The Hill Dogs and The Harmed Brothers this Thursday (July 7) at Doug Fir Lounge. Get more details here.

You can download this track on iTunes or Amazon.

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