Nice As F*#k – Angel

2016 has been quite the year for supergroups. First Neko Case, k.d. Lang, and Laura Veirs made big waves this spring when they announced their collaborative album, case/lang/veirs, and now we have Nice As Fuck, which teams Jenny Lewis, Erika Forster from Au Revoir Simone, and Tennessee Thomas from The Like.

Their album dropped this Friday with little to no fanfare, but it’s a gem. I’m a fan of pretty much everything Jenny Lewis does, and she’s definitely the dominant influence on this record, but Forster and Thomas add a dreamy sweetness that really rounds out the group’s sound.


Typically, I recommend just one track per post (and I felt like “Angel” best fit the FRIDAYNIGHTSALONE vibe), but in this case I’m recommending the entire album, and I’m recommending that you buy it. It’s one of those perfect records for a long roadtrip or a late night on the patio.

You can download the album on iTunes or Amazon.

Pro Tip: If you do a Google Image Search for “Nice As Fuck”, make sure you use the quotation marks.  (Source:


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