The Bat Signal

A few days ago, I got the following text from a friend, whose capacity for roasting you while simultaneously paying you a compliment is somewhat legendary:

Ah yes. The Bat Signal.

Now, first of all: rude. But also: not wrong. Fall can be a melancholy time, and who better to shepherd you through these days of change and ephemerality but the guy with the sad slow jams blog? I ponder the sad and the melancholy year-round, so that ye may reap the fruits of my labors. I’ve heeded the Bat Signal – this may not be the playlist you deserve, but it very well may be the one you need, right now.

So here it is, kids. Friday Nights Alone’s fall playlist – your soundtrack for fog-shrouded mornings, cold, crisp nights, and all the heartache and sadness that you experience in between.

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