Flume – Numb and Getting Colder featuring Kucka

As I’ve mentioned in before, I frequently vacillate between wanting to populate this site with cutting-edge tracks and focusing on the stuff I’m actually listening to, which more often than not involves finding lesser-known gems on albums I’ve already played a million times before.

This week we’ve opted to look behind Door Number Two with this b-side from the first album we ever talked about on FridayNightsAlone: Flume’s Skin. This track didn’t make a huge impression on me the first few times I heard it, but winter’s throes began to take hold of Portland, it’s started to grow on me. There’s an austerity to the sound that somehow seems fitting when you’re trying to navigate Portland’s freeways in the pouring rain.

So if you need a little Hump Day pick-me-up with December looming on the horizon, may I suggest that you zip up your Columbia jacket and cue up this track?

And now, here it is – your mid-week moment of zen:


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