Kiiara – Feels

And we’re back! For those of you who don’t follow my adventures on Instagram (@PretentiousPDX – Imma need you to smash that follow button, fam), I’ve spent the last week on an epic road trip through the wilds of Oregon.

Accompanied by my homegirl Jenna (aka @OregonJenna, aka Jenna from, we prowled over 1700 miles of Oregon’s highways and byways, searching for the finest brews to sample and the best views to ‘gram from.

All told, we spent about 40 hours in the car, and an unbelievable chunk of that time was spent listening to Kiiara’s debut EP. (Full disclosure: neither of us downloaded much music before the trip, so we only had about twenty albums to choose from, but this was hands-down the winner.) In addition to having a pretty clever title, low kii savage is simply riddled with rad tracks, and arguably the best one of the bunch is “Feels.”

Technically, I guess this song is about being high out of your mind, but when you hear her croon, “I got way too many feels / way too much emotion”, I’ll bet that you’ll have some feels of your own.

You can download this track on iTunes or Amazon.


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